Helping Seniors with Their Mental and Emotional Needs

Helping Seniors with Their Mental and Emotional Needs

Nursing home therapy services in Chicago, Glenview and Skokie, IL

We accept Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care and comply with all behavior and mental health guidelines

Psychotherapy 4U, INC carefully develops programs to meet the specific mental health needs of residents in nursing facilities. You can put your trust in our staff to help the residents of our nursing home get the counseling and therapy services they need to maintain proper mental and emotional health.

Providing a range of mental health services to help seniors in Chicago, Glenview and Skokie, IL

For years, our licensed facility has provided the following mental health services for senior citizens in Glenview and Skokie, Illinois:

Diagnostic assessment: An initial evaluation of an individual to see if they are in need of counseling or therapy services. This psychological assessment will allow the right individuals to move ahead with needed mental health services.

Group psychotherapy: Group psychotherapy for nursing home residents is designed to help a number of individuals who are facing similar psychological issues. Whether it's to address depression, anxiety or general nursing home discomfort, our group therapy services can prove beneficial for seniors in need of clarity and understanding.

Individual psychotherapy: Psychotherapy 4U, INC provides this service for patients with Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care. We can help an individual facing any emotional or cognitive issue. Psychotherapy 4U, INC will work with both the patient and the nursing home staff to make sure the difficulties are addressed during session times.

Cognitive assessment: Our licensed psychotherapists will take a closer look at cognitive abilities and make note of any difficulties with memory, attention or problem solving skills. Through a Decision-Making Capacity Assessment, our professional will identify any problems and make recommendations for future care if a patient is cognitively impaired.

Family Consultation services - Psychotherapy 4U, INC also provides specialized family plans to help residents and their loved ones. Psychotherapy 4U, INC will help resolve any conflicts and work to improve general conditions. We'll sit down with your loved one, obtain information and learn the real reason behind their emotions or behaviors.

Depression and anxiety assessment- We provide testing and assessment in order to formulate a plan for patients who may be suffering from depression or anxiety.

Don't wait too long to treat emotional or cognitive issues. Get in touch with Psychotherapy 4U, INC of Glenview today for nursing home psychological assessments and therapy.